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Professional Home Cleaning Services 

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Recurring Cleaning

Subscribe to a clean home: Weekly, Biweekly, or Monthly.


Our way of doing things is not like other cleaning companies. We don’t just “spray and pray and hope it rinses away.” Our cleaning system revolves around our 15 non-negotiable rules for thorough and efficient cleaning that ALL our cleaners follow.

Standard House Cleaning

House Cleaning Maintenance – our “Standard Clean” – is used to maintain the cleanliness of your home. It is our most common cleaning service for residential clients on a consistent cleaning schedule. It includes kitchen and bathroom cleaning, living room & dining rooms, dusting & floor cleaning. Call or email to receive an itemized list of what our Standard Clean program includes.

Microfiber cleaning cloth
Cleaning with a Mop

Deep Clean Service

Look for Deep Cleaning Service? This service is normally recommended for first-time cleaning or those looking to have their homes cleaned from either moving in or moving out.

This service can include the following-

  • Full cleaning and Sanitizing of all Bathrooms, Polishing Fixtures

  • Full detail of interior/exterior microwave and stovetop

  • Clean/polish full kitchen, clean interiors of appliances, move appliances and clean behind and underneath

  • Clean insides/ outsides of all cabinets, drawers and closets

  • Clean all ceiling fans, window sills, clean blinds, and clean interior window panes

  • Clean all baseboards, Clean all light fixtures and switches

  • Empty all garbage bins

  • Clean and sanitize all floor surfaces, and edges 

  • Vacuum all carpets and edges Upon request clean exterior patio/ garage or front areas

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