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COVID-19 Disinfecting

Fresh-n-Kleen Solutions provides Covid-19 Disinfecting Services for residential and commercial spaces through professional and strict practices and guidelines.  Our curated Covid-19 disinfecting services will create a safer, cleaner environment for you and your occupants!  All of our disinfectants are EPA approved and meet CDC guidelines. Our staff are specially trained and outfitted with equipment to efficiently handle the cleaning, thoroughly and safely. 

Benefits of Our Sanitizing

Whether you’re in need of a disinfecting for a hotel, resort, office, community venue, or residential space, the team here at Fresh-n-Kleen Solutions takes pride in our Covid-19 disinfecting services.  Our carefully strategized practices and talented staff’s abilities allow us to reduce the bacteria, germs and allergens in your designated service location with surreal precision!  Our Covid-19 disinfection services are guaranteed to create a safe, comfortable environment for the occupants of your desired service space

Sanitizing Elevator
Sanitizing Surfaces

The Right Tools For The Job

When regarding Covid-19, you can never be too careful.  When providing Covid-19 disinfecting services, our team is specially trained and outfitted with the best disinfecting equipment possible to keep our staff and all of our clients safe from infection.  We make sure to take all of the right products, at the right time.  We’re dedicated in ensuring our services completely disinfect your serviced space, and keep you and your occupants safe from infection!

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